Making the game intimate

A big part of making a narrative game is to think of how you’re telling the story and how the props or object, etc change the meaning of theme of tuhe story. In my earlier post, I talked briefly about semiotics. After our July meeting, my games partner and I sat down to talk about how we can change the exsisting levels and rooms to make the narrative stronger. Bear in mind, at this point it was still just at the 1st demo stage, so there was some stuff missing and not that many play testers other then a few sporadic tests answered of course, those who played it at the end of term show in April.

As the designer, I made the mistake of creating large empty spaces without thinking how it wouldn’t affect the narrative because of course, I want the player to feel overwhelmed which they wouldn’t if there are spaces where there could easy be objects and NPC’s (which means more noise and more anxiety).

Here are a few changes during thr redesigning phase. You can see a huge difference to how the player I see now in a more condensed and intimate space.




Another reason why making rooms smaller helps is because it allows players to connect with the avatar, because in addition, we will have the camera zoom in more to follow the player. It will still be a 3rd person game, but the intimacy will help players create a stronger empathetic connect with the protagonist. I need future posts, I Williams take more on a few more changes we implemented and how it affects the narrative.

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